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September 10


3DMatrix no longer sells QME online. People who want to buy a full version of QME 3.0 can do that by going to the ordering section. The price is USD 25,- and this will allow you to upgrade to QME 3.1 preview 2 (with support for Quake 2) for free.


Although I've not updated this site since March this doesn't mean that I didn't work on QME anymore. Actually I've worked quite a lot on it. Redoing and improving the internal architecture a lot, currently I don't have a new release available though and probably won't release anything new for some time.


Currently I'm in the USA working on a game named Hab-12  check out for more information about that.
March 19


I'm on vacation the next two weeks, go get your new qme version 3.1 preview 2 from the download section....
March 18

preview 2 progress

Well, it's one month since my last update and now I finally have preview 2 ready for release.

Biggest new features are:

Get it from the download page.

what's next

There are tons of things I can implement for QME. I am aiming to release a full QME 3.1 version within a month from now. This allows me to write the documentation in HTML help format and update create some tutorials.

I don't think there will be much additional functionality added before the final 3.1 release, but I will try to improve and expand current functionality.

February 15

preview 2 progress

I wanted to release preview 2 today, but I still have some show stoppers. For example the GIF animation recorder doesn't work anymore, I think it broke when I upgraded to Delphi 3.02 need to fix this before release.
January 25

preview 1 bugs

It seems there are a few very annoying bugs in the current preview releases. I'll release preview 2 as soon as possible, it should be available before the end of this week.

system breakdown

My system crashed big time, I had to rebuild a new development system this weekend. Am I glad I backup often :)
January 20

qME 3.1 preview 1 available

Well, I've send the 3.1 preview releases to both 3DMatrix and NAWC for distribution. Watch these sites for the appearance of the qME 3.1 preview.

There are two versions of the new 3.1 preview release. Look for the zip files "qmef" and "qmel". The file starting with "qmef" contains the patch that will update your existing 3.0 full version to 3.1 full version preview. The file starting with "qmel" contains a complete executable lite version.

January 18


Fixed a lot of bugs, I'm ready to release both the lite and full version preview releases. But I have to catch some sleep now. Tomorrow at 5.00AM my alarm clock will be ruthless. I'll create and release the zip files tomorrow evening.

Oh yeah, did I say painting on the model was made faster... I just made parts of the paint algorithm that would test where on the texture you hit the model about 1400 times faster. This part of the algorithm consumed a lot of time seriously bogging down performance when you were painting the model with a high zoom factor selected. Now this part of the algorithm is virtually free.

January 14


Finally qME 3.1 is almost ready to be released. The beta testers are currently testing it and I hope to fix the bugs that may turn up within the next few days. I am now preparing the preview releases that will be released without new documentation hopefully this Sunday.

After the preview release I will update the docs fix any bugs that may pop-up and release the real 3.1 versions within a few weeks.

why the long silence

I don't want to hype up something that will take me months to finish. My time is limited and I worked like mad to get all the MD2 functionality working. I hope it has been worth the wait.


I now fully support MD2, painting on the 3D model has been made A LOT faster and the rendering has been doubled in speed on my 90Mhz Pentium. It doesn't give me a doubling in speed on my 200Mhz system though. I also implemented an animated GIF writer that can record animations directly to a file.