QME 3.1 preview 2 is available for download now.

QME 3.1 full retail and Lite

Download QME 3.1 preview 2. The zip file that's available contains both the lite version and the full version patch. So people who own a full version of QME 3.0 can upgrade to the full version preview 2 of QME 3.1


You can download the QME 3.1 Preview 2 here.

QME 3.0 full retail

You can order a full version of QME 3.0 which is freely upgradable to version 3.1 here.

QME 3.0 lite

Good news this version will not expire, bad news this version is limited in the number of frames you can save. The download is a whopping 1.54 MB, but the full help is included as is the human.mdl.


Available from the xs4all site qMEL970608.exe. (1.54MB)


Available from the site qMEL970608.exe. (1.54MB)

QuakeME 2.3

This is the old QuakeME model viewer that started it all. You can replace skins of the original Quake models with this one.

United States

Available from the site (220KB)